About Us

This beautiful Mid-century modern home is Brian’s family home, purchased in 1938. It has gone through a number of transformations to make it the contemporary dwelling it is today. He operated it as a vacation rental for more than a decade before shifting to long-term rentals.


Brian is an architectural designer who collaborated with the renowned architecture firm Escher GuneWardena in L.A. before returning to Seattle to design and build homes with contemporary aesthetics designed around natural features, opening the interior to the beauty of the outdoors.


Leslie is a magazine editor, an award-winning travel writer and the author of two travel-related books, including a Michelin guide to the Pacific Northwest. Her writing expertise encompasses the Northwest, Hawaii and Europe, with an emphasis on Scandinavia.

We look forward to welcoming you to Blue Heron Lakehouse!

We named our place Blue Heron Lakehouse in honor of “Gus,” a great blue heron who is a longtime resident. He loves to hang out on the dock while he's scanning the waters for his next meal.